Bethlehem (poochycakes) wrote,

Low Expectations lead to Big Success.

My New Years Resolutions for the Year:


well, okay, so I haven't written any yet. I gotta have something, though! I mean, I am slightly ambitious deep down somewhere in my subconscious. I always want to change and get better and I have changed... I do n't know about the latter though because I keep looking back at the old me and I think the new me is a little  bit jealous. It confuses me. I don't see the changes but I know they are there.

Seriously though, these are them:

1. Lose weight.

2. Take Shades to a dressage show. 

3. Jump 2/9 courses efficiently, confidently, and comfortably.

4. Maintain a balance between dressage and hunter jumper riding.

5. Maintain and strengthen relationships between myself and my loved ones.

6. Save over $1,000 dollars.

7. Better manage my money.

8. Be a better student.

9. Be a better employee.

10. Regain the presence of Christ in my life;  learn to kneel and follow.

11. Do something reckless and dangerous.

12. Dye my hair.

13. Serve others.

14. Be more like the old me.

we will see!!!!

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