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I had to come back to Lilburn, AGAIN. No one will take care of the dogs and that worries me.

My dad is currently swearing at the TV. Very angrily. My sister is cackling on her cell phone. I hate it here.

I rode Apache, mostly walking on the hills, about 5 minutes worth of trotting. I haven't ridden him in a week, because last time I did, he went lame, and I was so disgusted I just vowed off riding him forever. But that's not gonna happen cause I like to ride him because he's fun.

Monty was doing great and I was so happy the whole week last week with him(beautiful gaits, shoulder ins, leg yields, half passes). Barb came to watch and he was a flaming butthole. I literally thought he was going to take us through the fence.

Heifer's owner is beginning to piss me off. I am fixing her mess, and she continues to put us back at square one sgndgdfnTHREE TIMES. Then she pushes me to push Heifer into things she is not ready for. Whatever. I'm not going to sacrifice Heif's mental well being or safety for that woman's vanity.

Christian is fat and sassy.

My dad is very depressed about this whole pregnancy thing (not mine). He doesn't want to live in the place that they are moving to. He's about to lose his job. People kick him around like he's a soccerball. I feel very sorry for him.
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