Bethlehem (poochycakes) wrote,

Target >>>> Wal-Mart. Thanks.

I e-mailed Heifer's owner, and said 'HEY LOOK HERE'S THE DEAL, PAY ME FOR THE WORK I DO.' and she was like 'oh gosh i'm sorry it'll never happen again here let me shower you with moneys.'
Actually the e-mail I wrote to her read more along the lines of 'please let me know if you would like me to continue Heifer's training, we can work out a price. If not I'll get a job elsewhere.'
And hers read '...' because she HASN'T E-MAILED ME BACK.
I suppose I could have called her but I'm too scared. It's going to suck watching Heffy rot in the pasture and all my work go to waste, and to see Christy ride her again and just unwravel all my work. But I'll never ride that horse again. It's just too painful to watch and see and it's not fair to Heifer.
Apache accidentally smushed me today. It was totally my fault, I actually pity him because he was absolutely horrified with what he'd done. 

So I moved him, I donno if I posted that, but yeah, I moved him to this woman's (H-H-HUGE ) house and it's actually a great place, perfect for getting him sound again, but it's just her personal property and horses. She's doing me a big favor. So I was riding him around watering all the pastures.  

There is one pasture that has a creek that runs in front of the fenceline. There is about 2-3 feet of space between the fence and this creek, not enough room for Apache so I dismounted and was standing between the fence and the creek, trying to drag the hose to put it into the water bucket, and I had Apache's reins in one hand, encouraging him to get a little closer because he was standing on the other side of the creek and my arms/reins weren't long enough to reach the water bucket AND him.  He was like "Oh I'm not so sure, I don't know..."

And I was like "just step a little bit closer" and he was like "OKAY I'M COMING" and I saw his little wheels turning and I watched the thought pop into his mind "I'm just gonna jump it" and before I knew it he leaped OVER the creek, smack into me, I got smashed into the fence then fell down and his hind leg landed on MY leg. 

On top of all this he pulled his stifle because he fell backwards again. Only a little bit. But still.

He tried to take care of me, took his weight off my leg as soon as he could and tried to get out from over me, his facial expression was "OHMYGOD I JUST KILLED BETH" Poor Apoochy.

My leg hurts. And my shoulder. Mostly my leg.

Christian has been behaving well; the other two are on an antiBeth kick.

I am in a heated debate with my film art teacher.
The reason:
He's a butthole.

That is all.
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