Bethlehem (poochycakes) wrote,

Too late to change your mind...

Still can't find where home is...

Le sigh. I hate this "wait & see" crap. I feel like my whole life has been "wait & see" and it's really getting on my dang nerves lately. :( c'mon, can't we move on to the next lesson? or the previous one? or any other lesson in the whole world but this one?

I donno. Gonna switch gears and talk about ponies.

T has left. Which totally bums me out, but he was such a blessing to me. Not a lot of broke newbs like me get to sit on horses that have had SO MUCH training like he has, and not to mention he's supremely talented and a big puppy dog who was happy to teach me and didn't mind taking care of me when I totally effed things up...which I did...with considerable frequency. I am very grateful to have had that opportunity.

Despite my whining about the other stuff, God has kept me in a constant state of gratitude when it comes to the horses these past few years. I don't get to do a lot, but I get to do enough. More than enough. And I am fortunate. I am starting Hermes, and really really trying to get Shades. I think we're doing okay. I've introduced groundpoles with Shades because that was such a big help with Roman, and I think they are going to come in handy. I am going to start him over fences... I bet he'd be a good little hunter horse. I also incorporated the poles with Hermes when I lunged him the other day. He wasn't as enthusiastic about them as Shades was, but he'll be a cute lil jumper one day too. :) I am really excited I get to jump again. Even if it's in baby steps. Shades seems like he'll be really game for it, and once I get a tree to fit the Hermster I am going to sit on him. So... feeling good there. I am also teaching Trinity and Jaden lessons on Rosie...maybe will be taking them to a horseshow sometime this summer. Walton Co. Fairgrounds is really close to there and it's always a good place for kids to go. Rosie will clean up- she's an auto-pilot hunter pony.

So, horse life is good.

Social life, no. Spirtual life, no. Academically, well- I won't hold my breath for now. I just want to be done. I love school, but I can't afford it. I had my last day of my argumentative writing class today and I am LITERALLY so depressed!! hahaha. I always have one class per semester that I get really upset about leaving. I like my major, even if it's viewed as fluff.

Hmmm... maybe I will come back and whine later. Right now I just want to maintain the endorphin high I got from my feeble little run(stumble/walk) I got in from earlier.
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