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Well it has been an interesting summer thus far (all two days of it!)- I took my last final Friday and it's so funny (as in strange, not humorous)- I set my sights on certain boys and getting their attention and then once I do, it's kind of like "Now what?"I ALWAYS do that. It's really not okay. It's typical conquest behavior and I loathe guys who do it, which makes me a big old hypocrite I guess. A guy in my class I'd talked to/worked with throughout the semester asked for my number so he could ask me about my  major since I "seemed to have things figured out" (HA!), and his hands were shaking so bad! Poor guy. I gave it to him, we'll see if I regret that later. I managed to dodge giving it out to another uber-obnoxious classmate but accepted his friend request on Facebook only to later realize that my number was posted there. Oops. I don't know. This guy (Zach) seems okay, and it's always nice to have a buddy down at Steate. He walked with me all the way to Piedmont, and I suddenly realized that and asked where he had parked,  and it turns out he had parked about six blocks in the other direction! Ha... Nice guy to put up with that at least. We'll see.

Michelle called me and told me I could ride Caronel!! Wahoo :) So I headed out to the barn, ate lunch in the boys' paddock (Hermes kept me company), and it was so peaceful and nice.

I rode Shadesbelly first, and he did pretty good work! It was super hot so we kept it to 30 minutes and he was still sweating like a hooker in church. I kept it to about 1/4 of the arena, and that helped with balance I think. We also did a lot of slow, easy walk-trot transitions, just gearing up and down really smoothly, and that worked wonders on relaxation and tempo. I wasn't so worried about roundness (just softness), and concentrated more on his responsiveness and my correctness. I trotted him over the trot poles til they were boring. I had them set up in reverse slant pattern before but it was WAY too hard for him:

(I laugh out loud whenever I see this photo) 

I also sat on Hermes and Shay led him around the arena! So very proud of my brave little toaster! I managed to clip 3/4 ( I am all about fractions today) of his muzzle too. Still working on desensitizing him... he's always been twitched.

The midget & me!

I rode Nell for about twenty minutes, she also got super sweaty. I spent most of the ride just trying to figure her out; it was ugly but pretty fun! She's got some good gaits, I got left behind at first! Dad & Cameron came out with los perros, and Cameron got to ride double on Apple with Trinity! 

Trin loved playing with Cam, I think she is used to babysitting a little because she basically had to raise her baby brother when she was in Canada with her mom. Dad was super quiet, but Cameron had a ton of fun. After he rode, he and Trinity drag raced in the golf cart and play tractor.

Cam cried so hard when he had to leave. :( Shay and Trinity picked me some really pretty flowers for the apartment, but I forgot to get a photo!! So cute though!

Shmes and Amber have been duking it out, Leslie has really been kind of sketchy lately but I don't even want to go I won't. I'd planned a girls' night out cause I needed one dammit, and I was gonna let that stand in the way, so I just denied it basically. It ended up being really fun. Kim and the Gates girls came...and sodid Ms. Wendy, which I really don't understand, but whatever. Everyone was late (as usual) so Leslie and I met up at Applebee's  and got drinks at the bar. One daquiri later and I was so buzzed, how sad! My tolerance level was much higher when I was 16. It was nice to sit and talk, though catching up with her made me realize how old we are getting. Afterward, we met at Provino's, where I stuffed my darn face.

Gina found the salad paddles and told me to smack her, so I did. And they were LOUD- the entire restaurant went silent! That's when G decided to smack me back. Loud, and painful.  So that was embarassing. We went to Snellville Oaks but no one could agree on a movie, so I pointed out this little greek restaurant where we could go for dessert. We went, and we were a big, noisy crowd for that little place. Our waiter was beyond gorgeous,  I think I may have drooled a little. Gina commented (loudly) how no one could speak english there. We ordered dessert, and it was awful! Haha, but worth it. I was just worried that they were closed the entire time because we were the only ones there. Gina/Sara/Leslie's friend works there, so our waiter knew him. Finally, we got up to go and I am standing ath te counter paying when Gina smashes me against the counter and pantomines humping me (WTF.) in the middle of our conversation, so that was great. Hot waiter asks if we were going to see a movie and we explain that we can't decide and he said he was going to see one. I said, "Ironman 2, right?" (because it just came out and would have been great, but Ms. Wendy, who wasn't invited, didn't want to see it.) and he said "Yeah!" ,  so I turned to everyone else and said, "see, we shoulda gone!" so Gina of course had to be 9 years old and say, "Well why don't you two go on a date to see it together?" at which point, Hot Greek Waiter grinned and said "I wouldn't mind" while I resisted the urge to punch Gina in the ear. (The next day I got a text from Bobby : "So I hear you have a greek crush?" Um, yeah. as long as you quit texting me.) I didn't go see Iron man with HGW, but it was pretty awesome. :) 

Afterward G and I duelled in the parking lot. 

My dress was soooo short. I looked like a chunkmeister and a hoochie at the same time!
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